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I loved that you made such a simple, but effective game about fake news - especially the combination with the real player data as like / dislike percentages was a nice touch, in my opinion! The whole game UI was pretty slick and I had much fun to read all the little news. <3 That's why I included your game in one of our compilation articles about the ResistJam and in the corresponding showcase video as well. :)

Best wishes,

This one was polished and well executed. I can't say I quite figured out the pattern for followers. I just ended up trying to upvote anything funny or divisive.

저항게임잼에서 가장 멋진것 같아요. Tragedy of TV 다음으로 멋져요.

A poignant game on how hard it is to figure out the fake news and funny true stories. Well done.

Thank you. We hope to have our 1.02 version this weekend, with some brand new stories. Thanks for playing and the kind comment.

This was really cool! For people who are curious, all the stories are sourced from real sites. You also end up making snap judgements because you get more followers for not taking a long time. A+ concept and execution. Short and simple.

Misfits, thanks a lot for the feedback. We are very glad you played and enjoyed it. Did you also notice that you get more followers if you make a right judgement against the % (which represent the votes the other players already made)? That's our "don't follow the herd" mechanic. :) Thanks again.