For the updated version (mostly balance and stability), please play the game at http://armor.ag/ACatStory. Thank you.


Home is not always a place of comfort and harmony, where we find understanding and joy. For some, home means an oppressive environment where nothing is possible and everything is feared. 

Through this, maybe we can begin to understand the motivations of the Cat, who a long time ago was not the vile enemy of the Cute Army, but rather was a friend of the Cutes and helped them putting his own life in line, against the dangerous and oppressive environment that his father had in his "home". 

In Cute Army: A Cat Story, you play with the cat when he was just a child, and find and save the Cutes from the clutches of his evil father.


How to play:

WASD or arrows to move.
Shift to dash. Q to smoke bomb.
Rescue cuties to win.


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Excelente. Não joguei desde a GGJ dele e fiquei impressionado com a evolução. Parabéns.